About Us

About Ore Mailboxes

  • Ore Mailboxes develops, manufactures and supplies high-quality, multi-purpose mail and parcel vaults for residential, single-family homes.  Ore Mailboxes are manufactured specifically for masonry applications and are crafted of galvanized sheet metal, stainless steel hinges and hardware, cast aluminum doors and powder-coated for long-lasting durability.
  • Online ordering and direct-to-home deliveries are growing at an exponential rate.  Like all consumer trends, crime and theft are following this growth.  Ore Mailboxes helps reduce the risk of theft of home deliveries’ “porch pirates,” by providing cost-effective, beautiful and home enhancing receptacles for mail and package deliveries.  Ore Mailboxes offers developers and builders a different, high-value option that appeals to today’s modern consumer and homeowner.
  • Ore Mailboxes offers the single-purpose OreMV™- MailVault that provides quality, weather resistance and security for mail deliveries only; the OreMPV™-  MailParcelVault incorporates a separate Parcel door allowing for package deliveries that drop through integrated trap doors to be held in the locking area at the bottom of the unit.  Ore Mailboxes’ newest, patent-pending product, the OrePHV™ – ParcelHomeVault takes home package delivery to a new level of security and convenience. The OrePHV is built directly into a home’s exterior wall, allowing deliveries to be deposited into the secure holding vault until retrieved from inside the house or garage away from weather or other interruptions. 
  • Ore Mailboxes has excellent on-hand inventory for rapid fulfillment of orders from our 200,000 SF Knoxville, TN warehouse.  Orders typically ship within 24 to 48 hours.