What Are Ore Mailboxes?

Ore MailVault and MailParcelVault both come in two different models that cater to all your mail and parcel security needs and are ready to be encapsulated by brick, stone or stucco. Both come equipped with key accessible locking vaults. Ore Mailboxes are all made of high-quality galvanized metal with furniture grade pulls and stainless steel hinges and parts with faceplates made of aluminum cast.

What Can Be Delivered To My Ore Mailbox? 

Any USPS mail or package can be delivered to your MailVault. In addition to any USPS mail or package, the MailParcelVault can also accept any UPS, FedEx, etc. packages that are of appropriate size for the parcel door. For additional information regarding USPS requirements, please visit www.usps.com.

How Large Of A Package Will The Ore Mailbox Accept? 

The MailVault is able to receive a USPS package equal to or smaller than 7 1/4” Wide X 8 1/4” High X 17" Deep. The MailParcelVault is able to receive packages equal to or smaller than 7 1/4” Wide X 13” High X 17” Deep.

How Do I Install My Ore Mailbox? 

Please see our Installation Instructions. If you still have questions, feel free to contact us at 1-844-364-7847.

Does My Ore Mailbox Come With A Warranty? 

Yes, every Ore Mailbox comes with a limited warranty.

Does My Ore Mailbox Include An Outgoing Mail Flag? 

Yes, all models have an outgoing mail flag already installed.

What Is The Shipping Weight Of My Ore Mailbox?

  • OreMV - 2 door: 76 lbs
  • OreMV - 4 door: 87 lbs
  • OreMPV - 3 door: 80 lbs
  • OreMPV - 5 door: 90 lbs
  • OrePHV - 2 door: 130 lbs