Installation Guide

Download The Installation Guide

Download the installation guide for the Ore MV and MPV in PDF format. 

To download the installation guide for the Ore ParcelHomeVault please click here. You might also find the video below to be helpful.

General Information

  • The Ore Mailbox is designed to be bolted securely on a level, 24” Wide x 30” Front to Back, concreted pad.
  • It can then be encapsulated with brick, rock, stucco, or wood. The top, Mail Door height, must be from 41” to 45” above the street level, with the specified setback of 6” to 8”. (Please Refer to US Postal Requirements).

Find An Installer

  • Finding a qualified brick mason for installation is easy! If you do not have a preferred brick mason, search Home Advisor or email us at

Things To Keep In Mind

  • Customers must contact their local post office before installing the box to ensure its correct placement and height at the street.
  • Mailboxes are installed at a height of 41” to 45” from the road surface to the inside floor of the mailbox or point of mail entry. They are set back 6” to 8” from front face of curb or road edge to the mailbox door.
  • In selecting the location of your mailbox, it is important that you plan so that the letter carrier IS able to access the mailbox from the street without leaving their vehicle. Check with your local postmaster for final Installation requirements. NOTE: developers and builders - it is important that the distance from the curb be the same on all mailboxes for the sake of uniformity.